3 Easy Ways To Be More Productive Employee

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Every employee wants to perform better at work. It could be because they need that promotion they have always longed for or they are simply dedicated to do their best. Most look for means in which they can improve their productivity such as using apps and tools that promise to do so. In real sense, all you need to do is establish some ground rules and be more focused at work. To help you to be more productive, here are 3 easy things that one can do.

The List of 6!

A list of 6 things that you should complete by the end of the day is the best way to start your day every morning. One should prioritize these things based on urgency and importance. Keeping track of everything you do is not an easy task. Having a list of the things you ought to complete by the end of the day act as the goals one is supposed to achieve every day. You can use this list to avoid procrastination or if your focus has been broken, so as to remain on track. Your list should be visible to you on your desk and you should return to it so as to act as a reminder of what one should be working on. Getting those items that are very important and pressing, will ensure that one is more productive as you keep your stress levels down.

Throughout the day, “check-in” with the task you are currently working on and ask yourself is this a productive activity and helping you with completing the 6 items that you listed.

“Focus on being productive and not busy”-Tim Ferris

Your Day Made to Order!

You should take 10-15 minutes planning a schedule of your day activities. A schedule will ensure that one manages their time more effectively as each activity has its own time allocated from the start to the finish. The highly successful people typically plan their day by the minute. We all have 1,440 minutes in a day and we must use them wisely. Your time schedule should include breaks to ensure that you reduce mental fatigue. Take a break after each activity or after each long activity. Regular breaks in your schedule ensure that your focus does not drain all your energy making you unproductive.

When you focus more intensely on a task for a short time will ensure that you conserve your energy thus making you more productive. We tend to underestimate the power of focusing. When we intentional focus on the task at hand we tend to complete it better and faster.

“Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan.” -Margaret Thatcher

Avoiding Self-Talk & Unproductive Conversations

These two activities are time wasters for you. Self-talks and conversation about your unproductivity in a day act as items that distract you. These distractions are a very big barrier to your productivity in a day. Today, distractions are the biggest killers of productivity. You should instead reward yourself for the tasks you have been able to complete. This will boost your confidence and motivation levels thus make you more productive.

Listening to the unproductive conversations in your head can lead you to sadness and the unwillingness to get anything done. You are better off cutting off these conversations by simply telling yourself “I choose not to listen and thank you.” After saying this repeatedly to yourself, you will find that you feel clear headed and able to focus on getting your work done.

“Don’t be a victim of negative self-talk- remember you are listening.” -Bob Proctor

These are some 3 easy ways that will ensure that one is more productive. Following these tips guarantees quality results.     

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