The Two Words You MUST Eliminate to Achieve Success

10:28:00 AM

Success is everybody’s friend. From a life of celebrity-hood to that of obscurity, from kids to adults, we all love to be associated with success. It is nobody’s wish to stand tall and claim that they are failures or want to be associated with failure. Regardless of how many setbacks you face, you always want to emerge victorious. To make success part of our life, there are two vocabularies that should never exist in your minds; easy and comfortable. The two may contribute to failure gradually without you knowing it.


The attitude that something is easy is not always a motivation to some people. Can you count how many times you have ever said something is easy only to realize it is not? It is situations like these that leave one devastated and puzzled on what to do next. The road to success itself is never easy therefore it should be eliminated in daily talk. When you start saying or thinking that something is easy even before doing it, chances are you will relax in the hope that it will take less time or less effort once you get down to it. And anyone that has achieved noteworthy success will tell you there is nothing easy about what they did or had to overcome.

“Easy” discourages people when the situation gets tough or complicated. The word does not exist among the successful people’s vocabularies. To achieve success, you have to be prepared for anything on your way to the top. Setbacks, obstacles and failure can only be tackled by tough people. ‘Easy’ creates room for comfort and when the two combine failure is inevitable.


Being comfortable translates to one being content with the current situation. Success is never achieved by being comfortable. Stepping out of the comfort zone gives you a whole new life, one you would have never experienced. Comfort only plants fear of trying out new things and success can only be achieved by doing something out of the ordinary. Whether you want to succeed in finance, business, academics, sports or in relationships you have to take risks.

Success is achieved by those who challenge themselves. They do not let failure bring them down or walk away from facing challenges. Testing your limits by challenging yourself helps uncover new skills or even discovering a new passion. You can never know your true potential by being ‘comfortable.’ In life, “comfortable” blinds one from discovering new opportunities that could be the key to success.

Besides achieving success, when you step out of your comfort zone, you grow as a person and you get a renewed fresh outlook of your life.

“Easy” and “comfortable” should never be part of your vocabularies if you want to succeed in life. The two will block your mind from finding new ways and ideas to achieve success.

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