Living a Fulfilled Life and How To Get There

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You probably have come across the phrase, “life is too short, live it to the fullest.”  What does it really mean to live it to the fullest? Occasionally, people mislead its meaning and end up wondering how did it happen? Or when did I get here? Living life to the fullest means living a satisfying life. Living a fulfilled life is when one is content with their current situation and is grateful for how life has turned out. If you feel like you are at the crossroads or you are not happy with the life you are living, here are some tips on truly living a fulfilled life and how to make it happen.

Develop An Intense Purpose or Desire

Majority of us live in the moment and the daily motions of life take us to the next day. Having such a life only continues to be more and more unfulfilling. No matter what you do you will never be satisfied with life. To avoid living a life of misery and dissatisfaction, one should have a purpose. What do you really want in life? The moment you take time to answer this question, is the moment you start living a fulfilling life. Having a purpose assists you to cope with the challenges that life throws at you. With a purpose it seems like you live bigger than your circumstances. STOP and think for a moment, what is it that you would love to do? What have you been putting off until the “right” time? What do spend your time wishing you can do? Write your answers down and keep pondering this until you have a clear and concise purpose.

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.” –Napoleon Hill

Take the initiative

No one can give you the life you want but yourself. Waiting for miracles to happen leads to disappointments and living unsatisfactory life waiting. Nothing is really handed to you on a silver platter. Once you have your purpose clearly stated, it is time to make it happen. Dodge any balls that come your way, jump any potholes you meet on the road so as to see to it that your purpose is met. Break free from your comfort zone and you will surely live a fulfilled life. STOP and think for moment, ask yourself, what has been stopping me for doing what I love? What fears do I have with taking the first step? Have others accomplished what I want to do? Am I able to do it? Write your answers down to these questions and ponder them and continue to journal what comes up until you are motivated to ACT.
"Whether you believe you can or cannot, you're right." -Henry Ford
Learn to forgive

How many times does it have to be said for it to be understood? No one is perfect. Some people are hard to themselves and others just because a mistake or a misunderstanding occurred. It is only possible to live a fulfilled life when you forgive yourself and others who have wronged you. Do not burden your heart only to live a dissatisfactory life. And sometimes dis-ease and unhappiness is the byproduct from not forgiving yourself or others that may have wronged you in the past. I make a daily habit of forgiving myself and others. Don’t get caught up with being righteous to refund to forgive someone. It doesn’t have impact them nearly as much as it impacts you. Many go through life steadfast on holding their grudge against a family member, co-worker, former employer, friend, or business associate and never seem to enjoy the beauty and joy life as to offer if they were just willing to forgive and let go. Take a moment and jot down a list of people that may have done something that you have been unable to forgive them for up to now. Do you need to forgive yourself for anything? Write a short letter to those that what to forgive and be sure to include your feelings from what they did. Then read it to yourself and act as if you are reading it to them and then burn or shred the letter. And you can also give it to them but it is not necessary. But make sure that you “release” them when you dispose of the letter. And I promise you that you will feel so much better. Go ahead…do it now…don’t wait!

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong” -Mahatma Gandhi

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