Money Does Not Make You, You Make You!

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Most people think that having money is what defines and makes who they are, but that is not correct. What happens is actually the opposite. It is what you do and the qualities that you hold that makes you. These qualities act as personal ingredients towards financial success. Financial success can be hard to achieve without these qualities. So which are these personal ingredients that make you and assure you of financial success?

Patience & Understanding
You should learn how to be patient and seek understanding. I like to call understanding “truth” about yourself and earning capabilities. The road to financial success requires a patient individual who knows what their end point is. You should make time each day to contemplate the what financial goals would you like to achieve in the short term such as a year from now and long term such as 3-5 years from now. Really think about it and don’t listen to any excuses or concerns that may pop up in your head as you do this exercise. Be willing to suspend any negative beliefs you have achieving these goals. List as many as you would like for your short term and long term goals. Then begin asking yourself is it possible, if not, why? Ask yourself, what would your life “look” like if you achieved your financial goals. What would you be doing day to day? How would your family lifestyle be like?

Once you see that there is a possibility for achieving such goals, the next step is to gain better understanding or “truths” on your abilities and strengths to make them reality. I will say that you will want to consider studying gurus such Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and the sort to better understand the ingredients that it takes and that you truly have what it takes to make it happen. I would also suggest taking courses to help you improve your skill set in personal development. The more inspiration and insight you have about your abilities, the more likely you will achieve your financial goals.

Look at your achievements and rewards that are associated with your financial goals. All the small achievements one makes should not be dismissed as they are very necessary ingredients towards the final end point. Patience helps one to stay focused as you try to achieve your goals. No matter how long it takes you should always be patient and never lose sight of your goals.

Courage and Commitment
This is about taking the necessary action to achieving your goals in the face of fear. Courage is essential in goal achievement and committing yourself to see them through to the end. Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Whatever you do, you need courage.” You should have unconditional commitment to the goals you have set and never give up on your goals. One should be proud and bold of what they want to achieve in life. Share with people you goals so as to make you accountable. Never let yourself be discouraged by the feedback you get on your journey to achieving your financial goals because not everyone will be supportive. In my experience, most people share their reasons for NOT going after such financial goals so I have learned to share with only those that are like minded in terms of pursuing some lofty financial goals themselves.

Your commitment can never be underestimated. Your conviction, your faith, and the attitude of not giving up on yourself and your financial goals are some of the main ingredients for having the financial rewards you seek. And it is never too late to make the change to recommit if you have given up on your financial goals. Everything is possible but only if you truly believe and willing to keep on keeping on. This is the attitude of everyone that have succeeded from Warren Buffet to Mark Cuban.

Your goals should be consistent with the values you have. Doing what you value will keep you in alignment and motivated. Create a list of your values and then align them with your goals. Your financial goals should inspire you. Your financial goals are based on your feelings you have about yourself and capabilities. So if you feel that they are beyond what you feel and believe then adjust them accordingly. And once you do, you may find that staying consistent to your goals are not as hard. Sometimes we come up with large, lofty financial goals and our current belief system can’t process it so we end up not sticking it out and doing what it takes for as long as it takes. Being consistent will ensure that one has a sense of purpose and you will be more motivated to achieve your financial goals.

Seeing yourself as having achieved your financial goals will also make it easier to be consistent with doing what’s necessary now. You find that many people give up on their financial goals or settle for less because they don’t see themselves of attaining such success or feel unworthy of having it. But the sure way to avoid giving up on yourself is being consistent.

Believing in yourself
For you to achieve your financial goals, one should be in the right frame of mind. This is by believing that you can do it. Most people fail to achieve goals because lack of the proper mindset. They allow past situations and poor thinking to prevent them from having what they truly desire. I believe this along with faith in the “unseen” is the main determinants that makes up a successful person. We all have made past mistakes or been through financial situations but those that have a stronger belief in themselves are the ones that go on to accomplish all of their goals they set out. If you want to truly experience achieving your financial goals then learn to grow the muscle of self-belief and faith. When you have confidence in yourself and your abilities one goes very far. It is also essential to have a positive mindset. Generally speaking, one learns to become positive minded and there is no automatic way of accomplishing this important step. So have patience with yourself and gain the confidence to believe in yourself. One should have measures that will help you stay motivated as any challenges on your way will diminish your confidence. Avoid lack of self-belief in your ability to overcome challenges while you go for what you want.

These are some of the personal ingredients that you need in order to achieve any financial goals that you have. Money will never make you, it is what you choose to do that makes You.

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