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"Fear-less" or "Fear-more?"

5:08:00 PM

Ok, we all have experienced a point in our lives when we were afraid to do something. Telling ourselves "No, I can't," "No way, it's impossible," "I can't take that risk," and the list goes on. And what happens, we stop pursuing whatever it is due to the fact that we became incapacitated because of FEAR.

Why is that? Well, for one, it seems completely normal to weigh all the options and think about the worse case scenario. And in doing so, logically we draw to the conclusion that whatever we are pursuing or want can't happen.

So we pursue the life of least resistance, not wanting to rock the boat. So we find more and more ways to "fear less" the things that would cause us to think bigger, grow, or push us past our comfort zones.

Then what about those that have these same thoughts and feelings but yet still manage somehow make it to the other side? It appears that the high achievers and the greats have a need to go beyond the beliefs of it not working to just doing it. And they do it over and over again. Essentially, they live the life of "fear more." They go after the things that will test them, push them, and create a more rewarding life. In each time they do, they are having to face their fears and thus "fearing more."

This should be sound advice to not live to "fear less" but to seek the road less traveled and "fear more."

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